Air Filters


One of the most basic tasks in performing maintenance on an HVAC unit is changing the air filters. The air filter plays an important role in keeping the air we breathe clear of contaminants and keeping the equipment and duct work clean. Just look at the attached picture of the dirty pleated filter that was in the unit for three months compared to the clean filter. Often times people try to save money by buying cheap throw away filters which only catch a minimal amount of airborne particles that were trapped by the filter in this picture. Using a quality pleated filter and changing it at a proper interval will improve the overall air quality in the building and prevent the evaporator coil and duct work from getting dirty. A dirty evaporator coil will cause a unit to work harder and thus run longer and use more energy.

Filters receive a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value score (MERV rating) and the higher this number the better job the filter will do capturing air particles. The benefits you will see from using a high quality pleated filter include:

  • Improved air quality for the employees.

  • Increased efficiency of your system by keeping the evaporator coil, blowers and ductwork cleaner.

  • Lower janitorial costs by reducing the amount of dust in the building.

It is well worth spending the extra $3-4 per air filter when you consider the above benefits you receive. MMI only uses quality pleated filters so our customer’s equipment continues to run at peak efficiency.


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