Cooling Towers for Water Cooled System

Water-Cooling-TowerCooling towers are an important part of a water cooled condenser system.  The cooling tower will supply the cool water to the condenser where the water picks up the heat from the refrigerant.  The water is then returned to the cooling tower where it is distributed over the wet deck surface and air is blown across the surface to dissipate the heat into the environment.  The cool water is then collected in the sump where it is pumped back to the heat source and the cycle starts all over again.

Water cooled condensers have about a 15 degree F lower compressor discharge  temperature than air-cooled condensers so the compressor can operate at a lower discharge pressure thus increasing it’s capacity and lowering power usage.  These types of systems are typically used when the cooling requirements for the building exceed 100 tons of cooling.  One thing to keep in mind when considering this type of system is the installation costs and maintenance costs associated with this piece of equipment.  In addition to the standard maintenance on all of the mechanical and electrical components, water treatment is very important along with regularly cleaning the sumps to keep them free from sediment.

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