Keeping The HVAC Industry Vital And Growing

One thing that is critical to the future health of the HVAC industry is attracting and training young people. All of the trades are experiencing a problem with attracting high school students. Kids tend to be drawn to what appears to be other more glamorous industries and while people can still make a good living in other industries, you only have to look at the rate of unemployment in various industries to see that they are suffering.

Our company is working to help support the health of the HVAC industry by donating equipment to a local trade school for the students to get some hands on experience. In the attached video you will see that we recently donated two working spot coolers to a trade school so the students could open up the units and see how they operate. Our Service Manager and technician delivered these to the school and they were thrilled to have some additional equipment to work on. The school is able to get some equipment from local suppliers but they are still limited in what they have for the students to train on. We all know how limited school budgets are so by donating items like spot coolers and large compressors we are able to help these students get some hands on experience. They are able to tear down the equipment and see how it actually works so when they get in the field they will have some hands on experience.

Many of us have made a good living in the HVAC industry and it is important for us to help the next generation be successful. Often times we have customers that are upgrading old equipment or replacing broken equipment and these items may have great value to the local trade school. It is important that we take the time to give back to the next generation.

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