I know you are ready for Summer but is your Air Conditioner?

With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, we will soon be transitioning from heating to cooling season. As our systems switch over from heating to cooling it is important to have the air conditioning system checked since in most cases it has not been running for approximately 6 months. Often times mice or other small animals will build nests in outdoor condensers that are on the ground and they often chew on some of the wires which can cause a system to not operate when the air conditioning is needed.

Spring is the perfect time to have your Air Conditioning system serviced so that you can make sure it is operating at peak efficiency. Many commercial buildings do not have windows that open so on the warmer days with the sun shining in the windows, buildings can warm up quickly. Maintaining comfort cooling for the people in the building or cooling for telephone or computer rooms is critical so it is important to make sure the cooling system is working properly when it is first called on to avoid downtime.

Schedule a Preventative Maintenance appointment where we will check your refrigerant level and pressures tighten electrical connections, check motor amperages, voltages, economizer operations and inspect coils to make sure your system air conditioning is performing when needed.

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning equipment will keep your system running efficiently and reduce your energy consumption thus saving you money.


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